Maximizing Parking Availability, Safety and Revenue at Your Organization

Presented by John Fagan, parking industry expert and 
Director of Parking and Transportation, All Traffic Solutions

If your organization is grappling with how to meet the ever-growing demand for safe and efficient parking, or if you want to learn how to increase revenue at your facilities, you'll want to watch our on-demand webinar.

Learn how to:

  • Gain efficiencies by managing your transportation and parking needs together
  • Maximize revenue from parking permits, pay-to-park spaces and event parking
  • Use the most up-to-date parking availability and wayfinding technology to get parkers to the right spot, fast
  • Leverage data and analytics for reporting, tracking and planning
  • Ensure parkers and pedestrians are safe in and around high-density parking areas
You'll come away with ideas and strategies you can implement at your organization.

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