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There are many benefits to becoming a smart city, regardless of the size of your municipality, including relieving traffic congestion, maximizing parking availability and making neighborhoods safer for citizens.

When it comes to embarking on smart cities transportation initiatives, municipalities often don’t know where to begin—or think they need a huge budget and an aggressive timetable before they will see real results.

Our latest white paper Smarter Cities: Five Ways to See Results Now looks at the five core components of a successful smart cities transportation initiative and shares ways for you to leverage the right technologies and systems to become a smarter city, both today and into the future.

Read our informative white paper and learn:

  • The five key drivers of “smart city success”
  • Why data and analytics are the cornerstones of any smart city initiative
  • How to leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) to help with traffic calming, parking availability and smart safety initiatives
  • The benefits of implementing cloud-based solutions to manage all your traffic devices and sensors, mapping and imaging, alerts, enforcement, parking, data and reporting
  • Why laying the right foundation now will bear fruit for years to come

Download this white paper and learn the steps you can take today to become a smarter city in 2017 and beyond.